How to use Manual Line Items


This feature is also available for Canadian users on Extract package.

Receipts and invoices often contain multiple purchases that span different total, tax amounts, categories, clients, or projects. Now, they can be split up within the transaction using our line items tool!

Have a look the bottom of the ‘Item Edit Page. Here you’ll find a green ‘Edit Line Items’ button. This will open up a moveable box in which you can create and modify line items, each with their own total, tax, category, project etc.

The window will also keep track of the sum of the lines to ensure that they match up to the total of the item.

This is different to splitting the item using ‘Split’, which creates two separate receipts.

If you now wish to export line items in a CSV then make sure you select ‘Receipt Bank Default (line items)’. This format can be chosen from the Account Settings menu in General tab:


This export will include one row of the item total (with main item details) and separate rows below for the line items. Any amount left over from the line items will show as an additional line item (if applicable).
Please remember that we can not send line items to some integrations due to some specifics in their API. These will still show up on the CSV export though.
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