Why won't my items publish from the mobile app?

You know publishing is just an easy swipe to the right from your phone. However, you might notice this is not available for you or the item goes to the Archive instead.

There are two reasons in general for not being able to publish. First one is a possible publishing error notifying you that something is wrong with the item. The second one is a restriction that your administrator might have put.

1.  To check the first reason, please login to the web app.

Then hover above the Publish button (it could be red in color) to read the error message. Different publishing errors are described in other sections of the Troubleshooting category.

2.  If you don't see a publish button, nor a red cross button, then you need to contact your administrator.

They will be able to grant you sufficient privileges so you can start publishing.

3. If none of these help, please get in touch with us!

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