How to invite your users and employees via SMS


Help-Centre_Partner3.gifIf you're a company manager or bookkeeper, you will have the option to add new users. Now, there is the option to notify them via SMS. This feature sends a free SMS message to your colleague, containing a URL for them to download the Receipt Bank mobile app.

1. To add a new user, select ‘Account Settings’ -> ‘Maintain users’.

2. Fill in all the details.

3. Enter the new user's mobile number, and select ‘Notify via SMS’.
4.Selecting this option will send an SMS containing a URL to the new user. Following this link will let them download the app.
5. Once they’ve opened the app, they can create a personal password then ‘Save & Login’.
6. Your employee will now be connected to your account! They can start uploading items straight away.


You can also invite existing account users via SMS, by going to the 'Maintain users' section of your account.

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