How to move items out of the Archive

After Items have been published, or manually moved to the Archive, they will be displayed in the ‘Archive’. You can view and move each of these items from the Archive tab

1.Navigate to the Archive tab of the Client Inbox..
2.Locate the items in your Archive [you can use the ‘Filter’, ‘Supplier Search’ or 'Advanced Search' tools to display your required items]
3.Tick the checkbox next to each item you wish to move.
4.Click "Unarchive".


5.If you’re planning to publish this item again, please select “Clear publishing data" to remove the tag that labels published items [See end of article for more details on Clearing Publishing Data].


6.Press ‘Unarchive’ to complete the action. Your selected items will now be displayed in the Client Inbox.
When Unarchiving an item, you’ll be asked if you want to ‘Clear publishing data’. Publishing Data is the indicator that Receipt Bank has already published this item to an Integrated Accounting Software. If you choose to clear publishing data, you’ll be able to publish this item again as normal. It will appear as a new transaction in your Integrated Accounting Software. As a result, it could result duplicate transactions within your Integrated Accounting Software. If you choose not to clear publishing data, you won’t be able to publish this item again. Receipt Bank will return the item to the Client Inbox with a publishing error.
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