How does my 1Tap client share their data with me?

If your client downloaded the 1Tap mobile app by themselves they can invite you, as their accountant, to have access to their data through your Practice Platform dashboard.

To do so, simply provide them with your practice’s unique 4-character 1Tap PIN code:

1.Navigate to your practice’s account settings and click "Account Details".

2.At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a section labelled "Sole Trader Clients".


3.Recorded here is a 4-character code that you can share with your client.

Using this code, your client needs to invite you through the 1Tap mobile app:


1.From 1Tap’s settings, tap ‘Share with Accountant’.


2.Fill out the code and tap ‘Share with Accountant’ again.


3.They will see your firm’s logo.


4.They need to tap ‘Share,’ and the account will appear on your firm’s dashboard!

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