How to set up an additional integration

 custom_only.pngReceipt Bank now allows accountants to integrate to multiple software packages! This gives you the chance to simplify your workflows!

By integrating with a supplementary software in addition to an accounting platform, you will be able to publish your items to exactly where they need to go - for example, unpaid bills can go to while paid receipts can publish straight to Quickbooks or Xero.

For this first release, Receipt Bank will support 2 integrations (Primary and Additional). 

These could be Quickbooks or Xero (as the Primary integration), plus Bill.comWorkflowMax or Gusto PR (as the Additional integration). 

Why wait? Go setup!

1. From the "Account settings", open "Integration".

2. Ensure you have Xero or Quickbooks Online as primary integration.

3. Select secondary integration (, Gusto, WorkflowMax) and fill in details.

4. Depending on the add-on, some will redirect you to the integration authorisation page, others will ask for the integration login details.

5. Once ready, you can edit each integration setting and change the integration defaults.

6. An ‘Integration’ bar can now be seen in the Inbox and in the ‘Suppliers’ Tab, so you can select where to send your items.

7. You can also change the default integration from the Item Edit Page or set as a Supplier rule.

You can now edit the active integration from the Android app from within the item to change its destination when published.
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