How to use Smart Split

This feature is only available on the Direct, Streamline and Optimize product tiers.

Smart Split is a tool that helps you split the total value of supplier’s invoices or receipts across two or more tax, description or nominal codes.

A Smart Split rule remembers your chosen fixed amount line items or percentage splits for suppliers whose items have values that are reliably universal. This saves you having to review data line by line every time an item is submitted.

All you have to do is review any items that are an exception to your Smart Split rule.

1. Smart Split rules can be accessed through the ‘Suppliers’ Tab and/or the Item Edit Page.
2.Within the Supplier's tab, open the selected supplier and click ‘Smart Split’:

3.You can set either a split using a fixed amount line item or a percentage split, or you can use both:

For example, a fixed amount line item is great for splitting out a flat shipping cost from the total value.

Percentage splits, on the other hand, are perfect for splitting the costs across two tax codes.

If you create just one line, then the remainder will be calculated as per the general rule you have.


If you use a combination of fixed amount and percentage splits, please remember that the fixed amounts will be applied first and then all percentage splits will be applied to the reminder.
4. When happy, click 'Apply.' Details of your smart splits are saved.

5.This is how the 'Set Supplier Rules' pop-up looks like in the Item edit page:

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