Waiting for upload a.k.a Preparing or Pending issue

custom_extract.pngThis is the only issue you might be experiencing with your iPhone app. It could be because of a sudden drop of internet connection while uploading items. Another reason could be accidental switching between Multiple, Combine and Single modes  while submitting.

Whatever the cause, it means that your items are stuck in the local cache of your phone and have not reached Receipt Bank's server.

To fix this, you can try:

  • To go back into the item and hit "Save".
  • Type in something in Description field.

As a final resort please make screenshots of the item images (make sure they are saved in the phone gallery), then delete and re-install the app. That will solve the problem and you'll be able to upload the images from the phone's gallery.

Never delete the app if you don't have the paper copies or the images of the items in your phone gallery. Deleting the app means that "waiting items" will be wiped out! We cannot recover them as they have not reached our server!
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