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 1. Setup your Integration

Receipt Bank supports a number of different integrated accounting softwares. Link your Receipt Bank account to:

 2. General Settings

We recommend going to the 'General' section of your 'Account Settings' and doing the following:

  • Set the 'Payment Status' of Receipts to "Paid",
  • Set the 'Payment Status' of Invoices to "Not paid, unless a payment method is present", and
  • All other settings can remain as the default.

 3. Confirm your Account Details

These can be found in the 'Account Details' tab of your 'Account Settings'

 4. Setup any additional users

Receipt Bank accounts can be Single User or Multi User accounts. A Multi User account allows you to add additional users on your account who can submit their items and allows further automation & functionality

  • If you're on a trial account you can email and request your trial be upgraded to a Multi User trial
  • If you're already a subscriber of a Single User account you can upgrade to a Multi User account at any time by going to the 'Subscription' tab of 'Account Details'

 5. Download the Mobile App

Receipt Bank's mobile app is a free app which allows you capture your receipts & invoices with your smart phone so you never need to worry about keeping your items while on the go!

 6. Take a Tour of your Account

Your Receipt Bank account is a powerful tool for not just data entry but automation & storage too. Check our these quick guides to find more information on what your account can do for you:

 7. Taking it even further

  • Once you're comfortable with your account you can check out our Awesome Automation hub to further automate your account
  • Our Help Centre is also full of articles to ensure that any information you need is at your fingertips
  • If there's anything you'd like help with reach out to us anytime at

Enjoy Effortless Bookkeeping!

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