How to handle Credit Notes

custom_only.pngNow that you have had a look through what Receipt Bank has to offer, you are probably wondering whether there is anything that we cannot process!

With regards to credit notes, you can submit them to your Receipt Bank account and we will extract the data in the same way we do with receipts and invoices.

This being said, the integratable accounting packages have very specific functionality. As a result of this only a number of them will allow you to publish credit notes across.

Currently, credit notes can be published to Xero and Quickbooks Online.

If you are using a different software, do not worry! Our tech team are constantly looking into increasing the number of accounting packages where this is possible.

In the meantime, you can handle credit notes by either:

  • amending the item type to an ‘invoice’ and ensuring the total is not negative  >  publish  >  edit the item back to a credit note in the accounting software.
  • archive the credit note in Receipt Bank and manually enter the transaction into your accounting software.
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