Tax Settings on Freshbooks

custom_only.pngWhen items are processed our system will by default extract out the tax amount visible on the item. When an account is integrated with Freshbooks there'll also be additional options to ensure that the tax on your items is handled exactly as you require.

Within the 'Integration' section of 'Account Settings' you'll find the following options:

1.Publish tax data

With this setting enabled the tax data for items will be published to Freshbooks along with the item and the rest of it's data.

If this is disabled then only the total amount for the item will be published and the tax will be calculated based on the tax rate setup within Freshbooks

2.Show tax rate dropdown for items

Enabling this option will cause Receipt Bank to pull across any tax rates you have set up within your Freshbooks account.

This will also then add a 'Tax rate' dropdown option when viewing items which will allow you to change the tax rate from the 'Extracted Amount' to one of the tax rates which we've pulled from your Freshbooks.

3.Use supplier tax rates

If you wish to you can use this option to set default tax rates for each of your suppliers. This will cause the system to use that rate, rather than the extracted amount, when calculating tax for every item from that supplier.

This is particularly useful if you have any suppliers who don't show the tax amount on their invoices or receipts!

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