Do you need to modify your plan?

Receipt Bank plans are based on a rolling monthly subscription and they allow you to change your subscription based on your ongoing usage.

Sometimes you come across an envelope full of items that were overlooked and will need to submit more items than your current limit will allow.

That is to say, if your current plan is 50 items, but you need to submit 200 this month, simply modify your plan to the 200 item plan, and at the end of the month (just before the subscription renews) you can move down to your original plan.

To modify your subscription, please:

1.Head to the 'Account Settings' menu.

2.Click on 'Account Details' tab and switch to 'Subscription'.

3.Next to where it states your current plan, simply click 'Modify'.

This will bring up all of your options, and simply select the relevant plan.

If you would like a reminder of when to move back down, please don’t hesitate to let us know, and we would be happy to get back in touch at the relevant time.
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