How to find the 'Advanced' tab and item history

custom_extract.pngMaybe you've been wondering how to find additional information about what has happened to your item after it was submitted? Now you can easily do that with our newly updated Advanced tab and Item History Information! 

 1. How to find your "Advanced" tab?

You can easily find your Advanced tab when you click on your item ( receipt, invoice, etc ) displayed in blue letters, in your Inbox or Archive. This will reveal the "Item Edit Page" which is the place to review each of your items thoroughly.

On your right hand side, just next to the "Receipt Details" tab, you will see the item "Advanced" tab. 

What you can find there is the item number, owner name and note (you can write something for easier item reference), and the item history below.

 2. What is the item history for?

Under receipt history you can see the timeline on each receipt that details everything that has happened to it since the item has been uploaded.

The major benefit is that, you can see who edited the item, when and what changes has been made with a single glance.

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