Account Creation Workflow


 1.  Add the account

  • If you are one of our Partners then if you have any shell/free clients you can simply use one of these or, if you have already used all of these you can use the 'Add new client' button.
  • If you are an SME looking to manage your own account then this is as easy as creating a free trial account.

 2.  Integrate the account

  • Go to your ‘Account settings’,
  • Open the ‘Integration’ tab,
  • Click on ‘Choose Integration’ and follow the steps.

For more help getting started with your integration please see this section.

 3. Configure the Account Settings

 4. Setup your Supplier rules

If you wish to quickly identify new suppliers and set up rules for them then we suggest disabling "Incl. new suppliers" in the 'General' tab of your 'Account Settings'.

Our team have identified different recommended tax settings dependent on your integration and location. This will ensure your items will always be actioned in the most suitable way for your specific needs!
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