How to import your Chart of Accounts

custom_only.pngOne of the most important parts of accounting, is attributing your purchases and expenses to their correct nominal code. In Receipt Bank we call these Categories.

There are two ways to use your Chart of Accounts in Receipt Bank and it depends on whether your account is integrated with an accounting software:


When you integrate your Receipt Bank account with your cloud accounting software, we will pull across your Chart of Accounts. You can assign them to your known suppliers creating rules per categories.

To make any edits to your Chart of Accounts, please head to your accounting package. We will then renew these lists every 24 hours.

You can, also, manually update these lists in case you need to use a new code straight away! Simply 'Reload all lists'!

Do you know that you can switch off the visibility of selected categories? Simply head to the 'Maintain Lists' tab, and choose ‘Off’ for all categories you do not want to see in the dropdown. 

 2.Without integration

If this is your case - have no worries! You will be provided with the Receipt Bank default Chart of Accounts. To personalise it for your business’ use, please:

  • Head to the 'Account settings' menu and open the 'Maintain lists tab.
  • Click either 'Manual Creation', or 'Via CSV' to select the way you would add your categories.
  • Follow the steps
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