Invoice Statements and Remittance Advices

Invoice Statements

Often sent as a gentle reminder, from supplier to customer, invoice statements are a summary of the invoices due to be paid up until the statement date.

If you submit these items to Receipt Bank all the data will be extracted. You can then use your Archive to store these statements for your records.

You'd rather not publish such items into your accounting package as this would create a new purchase record, where this is simply a summary of invoices that have already been issued.

Remittance advices

Remittance advice is notification, from customer to supplier, that a payment has been made.

Receipt Bank software can certainly process your remittance advices and act as a digital storage for your records. It is, unfortunately, not possible to publish these items into your accounting package due to the nature of the integration.

To find out more about sending Remittance advice from within your accounting package, please click the following links: for Xero, QuickBooks Online and KashFlow.


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