How to export a foreign currency item to QuickBooks Online

custom_only.pngIt will be necessary to check if you have multi-currency enabled in your QuickBooks account.

Then to go to "Expenses" in QBO and click on Suppliers tab. Add the supplier you need and apply the correct currency.

If your version of Quickbooks supports this functionality then publishing paid items in the foreign currency will be a breeze.

However, the unpaid items can go across (to Bill) only as the base currency for the account.

Please note that if you try to publish an item from new supplier in a foreign currency, you might experience a publishing error. Because of specific API requirements in QBO, we have to create new vendors using the Home Currency of your QBO Company. If your item in Receipt Bank is paid in another currency, you will need to create the vendor manually in QBO, select the appropriate currency for it and then publish the new item from Receipt Bank with the relevant currency.

We’ll continue to update this article as we improve functionality!

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