How to change a client's payment subscription

custom_extract.pngHelp-Centre6__1_.gifHelp-Centre_Partner3.gifTimes change as well as people. Your clients may decide to transfer their subscription to you or to pay for the service by themselves.

Here's how to do this:

 1. To gain access to a client's account:

Ask your client to login and go to the 'Account Settings' menu. Under 'Account Details' tab they should select 'Give Access' and fill in your e-mail address. Then you'll be able to find them in your Dashboard.

 2. If you want to hold the subscription of a client:

Please head to the Client Management tab, click the 'Manage' option on the right-hand side and then make them paid.


 3. Transfer from another Partner to your own account: 

Again after your client logs in, they can go to the 'Account Settings' menu, click on 'Account Details' tab and select 'Revoke Access' from the previous bookkeeper. Then they should hit 'Give Access' and fill in your details.

You can take the client's subscription following the steps described in the previous point.

4. Make a client self-paying: 

Ask your client to login and go to the 'Account Settings' menu, then click on 'Account Details' tab. Under 'Subscription' tab they are able to choose which plan they want to sign up and pay for but will still appear on your dashboard.


To suspend or delete a client from your dashboard please find additional information here.

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