How to set the Android app?

custom_extract.pngWhen you download the app, it will ask you to sign up or login.

Either way, you'll be presented with the Home page, where you'll see a list of your items.

At the bottom, you can find three buttons: 'Upload' an item from your gallery (on the left), 'Snap a shot' with your camera (the middle one) and 'Settings' (on the right).

The first two are very intuitive, but let's take a closer look at the 'Settings' cog.

This is the place to add another account. You can switch between different accounts and submit items on other peoples' behalf.

If you click on the active account, you'll be taken to another screen. Going to 'Manage subscription' leads you to the Web app.

Next setting option is 'Photos settings' where you can choose to submit in single, multi or combine mode.

From 'Sounds and Notifications' you can turn on/off different audio notifications.

Finally, you have some more support features on the way out from the app.


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