How to make a Missing Paperwork report

Missing Paperwork Reports provide a detailed description of all the transactions in Xero or QuickBooks Online that don’t currently have an attached document image.

This means Receipt Bank can quickly construct a report for your clients, detailing the documents that they need to to submit in order to audit-proof their transactions.

This feature gives you an overview of what number of all items in your client’s Xero or QBO account were created without a bill or receipt being present.

You can view this number in the ‘Missing Paperwork’ column of the ‘Bookkeeping Analysis’ tab.


Click the number in the ‘Missing Paperwork’ column to construct a report of the missing items to send to your client. You can specify a date and/or amount range for the requested documents.

This Missing Paperwork report can be downloaded as a .CSV, .PDF or as an excel spreadsheet.


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