How to export the correct tax on documents with added tips

This feature is only available on the Streamline and Optimize product tiers.

Sometimes receipts from restaurants will total the meal + taxes + a tip. The food and taxes are usually listed on a receipt, and the tip and total on a credit card slip.

When submitting to Receipt Bank, it’s best to take one picture of the two of these slips side-by-side. This way, Receipt Bank will be able to extract the proper total, as well as the tax amount.

You can split out the taxes and the tip by following these steps:

1.In the 'Item Edit page', click Edit line items.
2.Click Add New twice to add two separate lines.
3.Enter the lines as follows:
  • Line 1 (the meal): Select "Extracted amount" from the tax drop-down and type in the tax amount.
  • Line 2 (the tip): Select a 0% tax rate from the drop-down list.
4. Ensure the totals from the 'Line items' column match the totals from the 'Item' column.
5.Click Close and publish. The tax amount will be sent to your accounting software correctly.
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