What does this message mean?

custom_extract.pngReceipt Bank will leave you a note whenever there’s something important we think you should be made aware of on an item awaiting in your Inbox or Archive tabs.

Simply hover above the note icon to see the description of the note we’ve left for you.

You can also view this information from within the Receipt Details Page underneath the Advanced tab.

Using the notes filter is a great way to look at any transactions in your Inbox or Archive that have an important note awaiting for you to review. 

Now, you can get straight to the items that require your attention. Allowing you to effectively action and publish to your accounting software.

Pointing your look on items that need it means you can speed up the reviewing process for the items that are straightforward.

Below is a list of standard messages that Receipt Bank will leave you:



This transaction has been merged - please review

The same item has been submitted before and has been merged with the original item.

As the date was either incomplete or not visible on this item, we have used the date of submission.

The item didn’t have a visible date for us to use so we went with the date it was submitted to Receipt Bank.

Supplier unknown unable to allocate category - please review

The supplier wasn’t visible on the receipt so we couldn’t apply any supplier based categorisation rules.

You have submitted more than one transaction as a single item. Please resubmit transactions separately so that they can be processed.

Receipt Bank has received multiple receipt items in the one submission, this generally occurs when using a photocopier and multiple receipts are collaged on the page. It’s best to use the smartphone submission method for these type of items and to prevent this issue from occurring.



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