The 'Receipt Details' page


Help-Centre_Partner3.gifJust like the Inbox is the centre of your account, the ‘Item Edit Page’ is the place to review each of your items thoroughly.

To access it, simply click on the item type (receipt, invoice, etc.), displayed in blue letters, in your Inbox or Archive.

You’ll be presented with the item image on your left hand side and the item menu on your right.

If you hover above the image it will zoom in. Towards its bottom, you can find few options - to turn the image (on the right, on the left or upside down), to download it, or preview it in new tab.

The item menu is where you can edit almost every field - type, date, supplier, total amount, currency, etc.

The category, client, project, due date, tax amount, publish to section, paid or not, payment method, etc. fields are not extracted from the item. Instead you can set rules for them.* (Please note that these options are available for Custom Subscribers only).

In the top right of the page you can ‘Report a mistake’ for the item, if you find something incorrect in the extraction process (i.e. total amount, supplier name, etc.)

Towards the bottom are the ‘Split’, ‘Un-merge’ or ‘Merge’, ‘Add to expense report’, ‘Archive’, ‘Flag’, ‘Delete’ buttons.* (Availability depends on user privileges and subscription.)

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