How to submit on behalf of your clients

You can submit items on your clients’ behalf using any of the main Receipt Bank submission methods.

Direct Upload

1. Single-scan or batch-scan all documents and save them on your computer.
2. Navigate to your client’s Receipt Bank Inbox
3. Click the ‘+ Add Items’ button at the top of the page
4. Click the ‘Upload’ tab
5. Select whether you are uploading a single item (One document, no matter how many pages), multiple items within a .ZIP file, or multiple items (In which any pages in a multi-page document is treated as a separate item).
6. Select the person who owns these documents using the ‘Owner’ dropdown.
7. Drag-and-drop your files on the green platform.



Send any digital Receipts and Invoices to your clients’ email-in address. You can view this in the E-mail tab of the ‘Add Items’ menu.


Mobile App

To submit documents on your client’s behalf using the mobile app, you’ll need to set yourself - or your practice - up as a separate user within their individual client account. This can be done in the following way:

1. Navigate to the client’s Receipt Bank Inbox
2. Click ‘Account Settings’ menu in the top-right corner.
3. Click on the ‘Maintain Users’ tab down the left hand side of the page
4. Click ‘Add New User
5. Fill in your personal details for the ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, ‘E-mail’ and ‘Password’ fields. If you are on Extract plan, you need to create the user first and then update their password.


IMPORTANT - Use '' to create a secure email address to use as your Bookkeeping User login. This means you can keep track of multiple client account logins without creating multiple email addresses

Here’s a suggestion on how to create a standardised format for all of your client-base:

Client name: Hampstead Music Supplies
Created E-mail:


NOTE - Remember to use a secure but memorable password


6. Download the Receipt Bank Mobile App (if you haven’t already)
7. Access the ‘Account Settings’ page of the mobile app
8.Press ‘Add Account’ [iOS] or ‘Add Existing Account’ [Android]
9. Enter the username (email) and password you created during step 5






Now, whenever you’re logged into this account and submit an item to Receipt Bank, it will be uploaded directly to the client’s account.

NOTE - Ensure that you’re logged on to the correct account if you submit for multiple clients. You can quickly change between your accounts from the ‘Account Settings’ page of the Mobile App. The active account is indicated with a check mark.





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