Why Should I link payment methods and bank accounts?

Receipt Bank automatically extracts the last 4 digits of any card or bank account used for a payment.

If you want to link a payment method with a bank account, please navigate to the ‘Maintain lists’ tab of your client’s ‘Account settings’ menu.Click on the ‘Payment Methods’ button.

On this screen, you can link these cards and payment methods with bank accounts, this allows you to publish transactions as already paid against bank feeds. This info is drawn through your integrated accounting software.

What this allows you to do, is reconcile your spending with your bank outgoings more effectively and automatically. Knowing which payment method is associated with which bank account helps you better keep track of where and how money is being spent and allows you greater control when managing outgoings.

The option to auto-publish helps automate the process, automatically sending the info to your cloud accounting package where your spending and outgoings can be automatically reconciled.


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