What is autopublish?

custom_only.png‘Auto-publish’ is an option you can enable for suppliers who have default rules set up.

When auto-publish is enabled for a supplier, receipts uploaded for this supplier will be automatically exported, skipping the review process, and saving you time and effort.

It’s important to have supplier rules set up properly in order to take full advantage of the auto-publish feature. If supplier rules are incomplete or not set at all, and auto-sync is turned on, it is possible that the wrong information will be published to your accounting software.

To set a supplier to auto-publish, simply go to your client’s account, then navigate to the ‘Suppliers’ tab, and click on the auto-publish icon to enable/disable.

Alternatively, if you have not yet set supplier rules; you can click on the individual supplier’s name and enter the correct information, before setting the supplier to auto-publish.

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