How do my clients use Dropbox?


Due to specific reasons* we do recommend that your clients submit either via email, direct upload or the Mobile app rather than using DropBox.

1.If you're keen on enabling DropBox integration, remember that you need to enable your own DropBox link with Receipt Bank first: 

To get the best advantage, this DropBox account could be something especially created for you and your clients items, instead of using a personal DropBox account.

2.If you go to DropBox now, you'll notice two new folders under your name.
3. Next, you need to add your clients. For this, go into each client's Receipt Bank account and enable the link:

4.Checking DropBox will prove that other folders are created. 
5.Now, you can start adding items on client's behalf and see them processed in Receipt Bank. Please remember we swipe DropBox accounts in every 6 hours.

Additionally, your clients can link themselves with their own DropBox accounts and upload items too: 

*Unfortunately, our DropBox integration is quite fragile and re-naming or moving folders can break it. If we are unable to extract any files they will be left in the target folder and you will receive a notification email.

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