What access do my client's have to their Receipt Bank account?


That would depend on how you set up their user account.

We encourage clients to be fully involved in using Receipt Bank in order to maximise productivity, but we understand that not every client wants to be involved, and ultimately it is a decision between them and their accountant.

You can deny your clients’ access entirely if you wish so. Simply select “No” for the “Grant access” check box when creating a new client.

If you want to give access to your client, it’s easy to customise exactly how much they have. Once your client is set up as a user on their account, you can edit their level of access through the ‘Maintain users’ tab in your ‘Account Settings’ menu.

Just find their user account and click the “Manage” button. Then select “Edit user privileges” to adjust the level of access your client has.

There are three levels of access available:

Basic User: Allows employee to simply submit items to the account

Expense Approver: Has the ability to submit items, create expense reports, publish items etc... but cannot change the account settings or supplier rules.

Admin User: These users have full rights over account settings, supplier rules etc.. .

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