How to subscribe?

If you are pleased with our service then you might like to consider subscribing to one of our plans.

Once logged into your account, follow the yellow banner on the top of the page saying ‘Subscribe now’.

Alternatively you can follow these steps:

1.Login to your Receipt Bank account.
2.Navigate to the 'Account Details' tab under 'Account Settings' menu.

3.Then go to 'Account details' tab and switch to 'Subscription'.

4.Click on 'Subscribe now' and you'll be presented with the complete pricing matrix that we can offer.

Then you can select a plan based on your prediction of how many items you are about to send in a month. You can choose among monthly or annual subscription, Single or Multi-user accounts, and processed items per month.

5.Hit 'Pay now' button and you'll be able to provide your credit card details.
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