How to automatically publish items

This feature is only available on the Direct, Streamline and Optimize product tiers.

We will automatically publish an item from your Inbox once it has completed the data extraction process, and after any relevant rules have been applied to it.

Which items are suitable for auto-publish?

Anything you feel comfortable enough with the processing and account setup that you do not need to review in Receipt Bank before publishing, and that you will already be going to the correct area of your integrated accounting software. Typically this will be items which have sufficient rules set up to ensure that required data fields, such as category, project, publish to and payment method, will all be accurate and reliable.

How can I enable auto-publish?

Per Supplier via the 'Suppliers' tab:

Per Payment Method through 'Account Settings'->'Maintain Lists'->'Payment Methods'

Account-wide through 'Account Settings'->'Integration'

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