Do you extract lines from invoices and credit card statements?

custom_only.pngIn fact, we do! We can capture line-items from receipts, invoices and credit card statements as long as they are submitted as "native" PDFs. However, we can't apply this feature to credit notes.

We also have the manual ‘Edit Line Items’ feature that is found in the bottom of the ‘Item Edit Page.

Here you’ll find a green ‘Edit Line Items’ button. This will open up a moveable box in which you can create and modify line items, each with their own total, tax, category, project etc.

The window will also keep track of the sum of the lines to ensure that they match up to the total of the item.

Unfortunately, we cannot send line items to SageOne accounts due to some specifics in their API and this is the reason why the option is not available in Receipt Bank accounts integrated with SageOne.
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