Your Partner Dashboard!



Your Partner Dashboard is the first thing you see when you login into your Receipt Bank account.

The Partner Dashboard is divided into four main sections - ‘Bookkeeping Analysis’, ‘Client Management’, 'Practice management' and 'Practice Marketing'.

1. The ‘Practice Platform’ is a collection of metrics which enables you and your team to prioritise clients and workload. This page shows real-time information on how & when your clients are submitting documents, with clear visibility over the urgency of the workload. We focus on:
  • Items waiting
  • Inbox age
  • Mobile app users
  • Missing paperwork
  • No hands

In a glimpse you will be able to see how efficiently you and your clients are using Receipt Bank, giving you the ability to identify areas where even more time can be saved!

2. From the ‘Client management’ you can access your clients’ accounts, add accounts and view some basic metrics. You can also manage the basic settings and your team’s access to client accounts from the ‘Manage’ button to the right of each client.


3. The 'Practice management' holds your own account, where you can manage your own items, and account settings with ease.


4. 'Practice Marketing' is the place to find materials to share with your clients or colleagues.


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