The 'Partner Dashboard'

The Partner Dashboard is the first thing you’ll see after logging into Receipt Bank. It’s where you can take a holistic view of your Clients, Practice, Settings and Productivity.

Note: this functionality is only available for Accountant/Bookkeeper partner accounts. Find out more about the different Receipt Bank products here.

The Partner Dashboard will look slightly different depending on whether you subscribe to Receipt Bank Extract, Streamline or Optimize.

The Client Management tab allows you to view and manage your entire list of clients from one space. You can Filter or Search your clients using the tools at the top-right of the page. Clicking on a client’s name on this page will navigate you to their Client Inbox.

The Practice Management tab allows you to view and manage the colleagues set up on your Receipt Bank. You can also use this space to manage your internal documentation if you’re using Receipt Bank as an internal tool within your practice.

The Bookkeeping Analysis tab (Only available on Optimize) allows you to manage productivity within your practice. You can view the amount of outstanding work, missing paperwork and efficiency of each of your Client Accounts from this screen.

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