How to publish as 'Paid (where possible)' to Purchases in Xero

Note: this functionality is only available for Direct Receipt Bank Accounts, or Streamline and Optimize partner accounts. Find out more about the different Receipt Bank products here

When you want to export an item as paid directly into the ‘Paid’ queue of the ‘Purchases’ section of Xero, please head to your ‘Payment methods’ section in Receipt Bank.

Here you can link your payment methods to appropriate bank account to pay off the specified amount.

1. Login to your Receipt Bank account.

2. Head to the ‘Account settings’ menu and open the Integration tab.

3. Select publish items to Purchases as "Paid (where possible)".


You need to set up your payment methods to finalise the process. If you don't then items will get published to Purchases as awaiting payment.

4. Head to Maintain lists and under ‘Payment methods’ set your bank accounts from Xero.

5. Back into the ‘Receipt Details page' select the appropriate payment method and publish.

In the above example you can see that we have selected a "Director's loan account". That represents the correct way to deal with items paid with Director's loan or any other "not real" bank account".


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