The 'Tools' menu

The Tools menu allows you to make adjustments to the items you’ve selected using the check boxes down the left-hand side of the page.

The tools are your disposal are:

  • Merge: combine two items into one item.
  • Bulk edit: Adjust the Category field for multiple items at once
  • Send via e-mail: Send a PDF and CSV file of your selected items to a specifiable e-mail address
  • Move to Archive: Send your selected items to the client’s Archive
  • Clear publishing data: delete the data associated with your selected items being published to a Cloud Accounting Software. These means that Receipt Bank will no longer detect if you’ve already published this item to your Cloud Platform.
  • Flag: Add a Flag to each of your selected items. This will allow you to quickly identify these items and make them searchable using the Filter menu.
  • Unflag: Remove a Flag from your selected items


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