The 'Tools' menu

custom_extract.pngAny master needs his tools to create art. And so are you - the ‘Toolbox’ menu keeps your tools ready to use.

Navigate to your Inbox and tick the item(s) you need to manage to start.

Here you will find:


    • Merge is used to combine two duplicating items or two images of the same item.

      • Send via e-mail - to send the item (incl. its image) to an e-mail address outside Receipt Bank- it could be your bookkeeper, tax authorities or a friend (just to see how much you paid for that expensive TV set).

        • Clear publishing data - To ensure that duplicates are not created in your accounting software we put an electronic tag on all items after they have been published. You can remove this tag so that you can send across your receipts again. Make sure that you have deleted these items in your accounting software first.

          • Flag or unflag the important items.

        • Move to Archive- there could be many reasons why you don’t want to publish, add to expense report or download an item in order to archive it. You can always use this option to move away this item from your Inbox.

      • Bulk edit is a particularly interesting feature. You can use it to assign category to multiple items. Simply tick all the items you wish, open the ‘Toolbox’ menu, click ‘Bulk edit’ and select the category you need.

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