How to display Receipt Bank images in Twinfield

Now to enable publishing images to Twinfield from your Receipt Bank account, there are some additional settings that need to be done:

 1. In Twinfield

  • Within ‘General’ tab select ‘Transaction Types’ option (located under ‘Company’ menu)

  • Select ‘Purchase Invoice’ and hit ‘Next’

  • Under ‘Free Text Fields’ section for ‘Free text field 3’ select ‘Allow’
  • Under Document imaging section fill the name field (e.g. ‘Transaction Images’, ‘Scan’, etc.)
  • Then for ‘Link’ enter ‘http://$FreeText3$’ and save.

 2. In Receipt Bank:

  • Login to Receipt Bank.
  • From the ‘Account Settings’ menu go into ‘Integration’ tab and select the free text field that has been enabled in Twinfield at the bottom of the section.

  • And this is the very last step!


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