How to republish items to Xero

custom_extract.pngTo ensure that duplicates are not created in your accounting software we put an electronic tag on all items after they have been published.

You can remove this tag so that you can send your receipts into Xero again.

If your item has been published to the ‘Bank accounts’, ‘Expense claims’ or any other ‘Publish’ section (other than ‘Draft’*) please follow these steps below:

To do so, please:

 1.Void the item in your Xero account.

 3.Select the item in your Archive (tick the checkbox)


 4.Click the "Unarchive" button


5.Ensure you select the "Clear Publishing Data" option and hit ‘Unarchive’.

 6.Find the item in your Inbox. (the ‘Advanced search’ engine could be very helpful here).

 7.Change the publishing location of the item if needed.

 8.Republish the item by clicking the "Publish" button again.

If your item is still in the ‘Draft’ section of Purchases in Xero then you can just click the ‘publish’ button again for that item and any changes that you have made will be automatically updated in the item in Xero.
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