How to re-bill a client?

custom_only.pngRe-billing a customer is a simple process:

 1.Send in the receipts to us.

 2.Login to your Receipt Bank account and go to your Inbox.

3.Tick the item(s).

 4.Open the ‘Tools’ menu and choose 'Re-bill to client’.

5.Fill in the boxes and click 'Re-bill'.

6.This will create a new draft invoice in your Sales area of Xero. Don't forget to approve it, before sending it to your client.


Please note that using the Re-bill feature does not publish your items to Purchases, nor does it move the items to the Archive in Receipt Bank. That is why no image is exported.

If you need to attach an image file to this invoice, you can do it in Xero.

In terms of reconciling these items for your accounts, they will still need to be published in the usual way.

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