How do I publish an item?



Help-Centre_Partner3.gif‘Publishing’ means to send across or export an item into your accounting software from Receipt Bank.

There are a number of ways to do so.

 1.From the ‘Item edit page’

When you are in your account, go to your Inbox and click on the item to open its menu.

Check all the extracted data, edit if needed, assign a category, project or client and finally hit ‘Publish’.

 2.Directly from the Inbox.

If you’re pretty sure that your item’s data is okay, you can send it across by clicking the green ‘Publish’ button on the item’s row.

 3.Batch publishing.

  • It could be performed directly for items in your Inbox, simply by selecting them and then clicking ‘Publish’ from the top line menu.

  • Alternatively, you can search for definite items (by supplier, by date, by type, etc.) with the ‘Advanced Search’ engine:

When the list is loaded, simply tick ‘All’ the items and hit ‘Publish’ again.


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