What does User Privilege mean?

User privilege levels are set upon creating a new user in a Multi User account and can be modified at any time:

 1.From your ‘Account Settings’ menu.

 2.Under ‘Maintain Users’ tab.


3.Click ‘Manage’ button on the right and then underneath select ‘Edit User Privileges’.

There are three levels of User roles:

’Administrator’ users have full access to an account, able to send items in, view and modify all items, set up supplier rules, modify subscription plan and integration settings.

‘Expense Approver’ users have the ability to send in items and view any user items. However an expense approver cannot see or adjust supplier rules or account settings.

And if they are given publishing rights they can export everyone’s items.

‘Basic User’: these users can send their items in, view and edit only them.


Now, we are proud to announce that due to a recent update you can modify ‘Basic user’ and 'Expense approver' privileges on several levels. If someone is set to ‘Basic user’ or 'Expense approver' two options appear:
  1. Create Expense Reports’: if this is ‘On’ then the ‘Publishing rights’ option changes and they might have ‘OFF’, ‘All items’ or ‘Expense Reports only’.
  • If ‘OFF’ is chosen the user can now create their own Expense Reports but not publish them.
  • If ‘All items’ is chosen the user can create their own Expense Reports and publish them and all other items
  • If ‘Expense Reports only’ is chosen they can create Expense Reports and publish them but they cannot publish other items.


  1. Publishing rights’:
  • if this is off then they can’t publish anything.
  • the other option is ‘All items’: they can publish their own items (if they are Basic Users) or all items within the account (if they are Expense Approvers with publishing rights turned on).
  1. If none of those are turned on they are just a ‘Basic user’ and can edit their own items but not publish and cannot make Expense Reports.

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