Getting started with QuickBooks Online


Get setup with Receipt Bank and QuickBooks Online in 4 easy steps!

 1. Linking your QuickBooks and Receipt Bank accounts

Linking your Receipt Bank account with your QuickBooks Online has been made as simple as possible, to allow you to get on with the issues important to your business.

Integrating Receipt Bank and QuickBooks Online is easy but for getting a clear view you can follow our step-by-step guide here.

  • For a start navigate to your ‘Account settings’ menu  
  • Open the 'Integration' tab
  • Click on 'Modify' and follow the steps

2. Setup your payment methods and get ready to publish in QuickBooks Online sections:

To send an item as ‘paid’ into your QuickBooks Online account you will need to indicate which bank account you paid the item from.

The way to do this is to link a bank account you have set up in QuickBooks Online to a ‘payment method’ in Receipt Bank.

The system will pick up ‘payment methods’ from receipts if they are printed on it. To set up, please follow these instructions:

Go to your 'Account settings' menu.

Open 'Maintain lists' tab on the left hand side

Under 'Payment methods' section you will be able to link your bank accounts.

Please note that if you do not link your bank accounts and payment methods together you will not be able to send your items to QuickBooks Online.

You can also set a rule that all invoices from a certain supplier are paid. To do this head to your ‘Suppliers’ tab, pick a supplier and change ‘paid’ to ‘yes’.

3. Send items in: you can do it in many ways!

Explore your ‘Add items’ tab in your Receipt Bank account and try out sending items by e-mail, direct upload, Mobile app, DropBox, etc.

4. Publishing.

Once you have sent an item to your Receipt Bank account, we process it and extract the key information from it.

There are certain fields, such as ‘Category’, ‘Tax Amount’, ‘Project’, etc, where you can set rules about so you don’t have to manually fill them for each item.

Once all the data is in, you can export the item into QuickBooks Online sections:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Bill - it is used for your unpaid items only

To publish into each one, please open the item in your Receipt Bank account to see the ‘Item edit page’. On your left hand side you’ll find the item’s image and on the right hand side - a list of options. From the drop down menu there labeled ‘Publish to’, select the appropriate section in QuickBooks Online.

However please note that within QBO, you can export paid items to Cash, Check or Credit Card only if you have payment method selected. For unpaid items, that need to be published there, it would be wise to create a ‘Cash’ account.

To publish unpaid item without assigning a payment method to it, please choose ‘Publish to Bill’:

Or you can set automatic supplier rules.

And you can find more information about QBO in our Help Centre.

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