No payee has been selected, if you select a payee then we will be able to publish this item

custom_only.pngBasically this error says that not all information was extracted from the item.

The reason for this could be an expired trial account with ‘Auto-Publish’ option turned on. If your trial has expired you’ll see an orange banner at the top of the screen, saying ‘Your trial has ended’.

To find the ‘Auto-Publish’ option please navigate to your ‘Account Settings’ menu, under the ‘Integration’ tab:

And in order to continue publishing items to KashFlow, you might like to consider subscribing to one of our plans. You can subscribe from within the ‘Account details’ tab in the ‘Account settings’ menu. Switch to ‘Subscription’ and click on ‘Subscribe now’:

Return to your Inbox and select the items you need to publish. Click the ‘Tools’ button on the menu at the top and choose "Clear Publishing Data" option before submitting. Now simply click on the green ‘Publish’ button:


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