How to activate a 'Shell Client' or 'Prospective Client'


You may have agreed with your Account Manager to activate some ‘Shell Clients’ that they have added to your Dashboard.

In order to activate one of these clients, simply:

2.Navigate to 'Client Management' tab.
3.Click 'Manage' button, for whichever shell client you are about to convert.
4.Go to 'Edit Client Settings'.


5. Open the client's 'Account settings' menu and change all the relevant details in 'Account details' tab.

6.Add users, if needed, and don't forget to manage their privileges.


7. Set up ‘Integration’ if the client has a cloud accounting software to integrate with.

8. Make sure to edit ‘Supplier Rules’ finally.


Your client is now up and running!

We encourage Partners to create each client with as much detail as possible, which will ensure your use of Receipt Bank is as productive as possible.
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