What training is available to Partners?


We want you to be a Receipt Bank Champion and use that expertise to empower your client relationships!

That’s why we’re constantly refining an in-depth and continuous training program for our accounting and bookkeeping partners.

    • As a brand new Receipt Bank partner, your account manager will create a profile for you on our dedicated training platform, which you can access hereYou’ll receive an email with instructions on how to login.
    • Completing your first Basic Training course will only take 20 minutes, but is invaluable in helping you quickly get to grips with the system and a prerequisite for graduating the Fast Track stage.
    • Afterwards, our self-service Receipt Bank Gym content contains a selection of 5-minute mini-courses covering everything from Expense Reporting to fine-tuning your integration settings.


If you’re having trouble accessing the training platform, please get in touch with our 24-hour support team and they’ll be able to get you up and running. 


Practice makes perfect!
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