What training is available to Partners?


We want you to be a Receipt Bank Champion and use that expertise to empower your client relationships & practice's efficiency

Our focus is reducing the time you spend on bookkeeping, this means also reducing the time you need to come to grips with how Receipt Bank helps you improve your practice’s efficiency. That’s why we’re constantly refining an in-depth and continuous training program of short videos and related materials for our accounting and bookkeeping partners. After all, we’d like our software to work for you and not you for our software.

The easiest way to set yourself or your team up for success with Receipt Bank is to go hand in hand with the available training resources while you implement our award-winning software into your bookkeeping routine.

    • As soon as your account as a Receipt Bank partner is created, you’ll receive an email invite for completing our 30-minute fundamental training course that will get you going with the essentials. Please note that the email is sent to the email address you signed up with, the same email address becomes your Receipt Bank username
    • Each colleague that you subsequently create a user profile for will receive the same invite to their respective email address
    • All of you will receive a similar invite to access the platform that hosts our complementary advanced courses here, which we call the ‘Receipt Bank Gym’. Those tutorials focus heavily on the capabilities that you can unleash if you’ve purchased:
      • The Receipt Bank Custom subscription, aimed at further optimisation of the bookkeeping processes through automatisation of the review and publishing stages. Learn more here
      • The Practice Platform suite, which provides you with various tools that empower client communication and help you with managing your internal processes for higher efficiency (both for individual clients and across your entire practice, so this knowledge can be useful to you no matter what your precise role is). Learn more here
      • As a Receipt Bank partner, your account manager will be able to assign you to the correct advanced tutorials to suit your needs. Yet, the complete library of courses will be accessible to you so that you can browse, choose topics and self-train. We highly recommend doing so as it can introduce you to topics and features that haven’t been discussed or discovered before
      • Most tutorials in the ‘Receipt Bank Gym’ aim to provide the information in a short, convenient format of about 5-minute mini-courses. This way you can go through them in portions without feeling overwhelmed or sacrificing too much of your time
      • The advanced ‘Receipt Bank Gym’ tutorials cover everything from Expense Reporting to fine-tuning your integration settings, or sending a request for clarifications on a submitted item straight to your client’s mobile, with the item in question attached to the query - how’s that about convenience and keeping all correspondence in the centralised bookkeeping space of Receipt Bank? Many such best practice tips come along in the training content on our products

If you’re having trouble receiving an invite for the initial fundamental courses or accessing the training platform for the ‘Receipt Bank Gym’ trainings, please get in touch with our 24-hour support team and they’ll be able to get you up and running.


Practice makes perfect!
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