Select Xero user to publish to Expense Claims!

custom_only.pngThis error appears in multi-user accounts when the users within Receipt Bank are not linked to Xero.

This way when the items are sent across to Xero, they will publish into each user's expense claims section.

Linking those users, will allow them to publish items to Xero 'Expenses claims' section.Otherwise they can publish only to 'Bank accounts' or 'Purchases'.

Only the user with admin privileges in the multi-user account can link the rest of the users. To do so, please: 

2. Navigate to the 'Account settings' menu and open 'Maintain users' tab

3. Click the green 'Link users' button.

4. Select the items (tick the checkbox) in your Inbox. You can try the 'Advanced search' engine, next to the 'Supplier search' box

5.Click the 'Tools' button on the menu at the top and select the 'Clear publishing data' option before submitting.

6. Republish the items from your Inbox by clicking the 'Publish' button

If you're on a Single-user account, please find the option to link user under the "Integration tab" of your Account settings. 
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