How to control which clients your colleagues can view



You can manage your employees' access to clients' accounts in two ways.

A) If you only want to allow/deny access to one account:

1. Login to your Receipt Bank Partner Dashboard
2. Go to ‘Client Management View’
3. Click ‘Manage’ for the relevant client.


4. Then click ‘Edit Partner Access’

Here you can allow/deny access for any employee for this particular account.

5. Finally, click ‘Save’


B) Should you want to allow or deny access to multiple accounts:

1. Login to your Receipt Bank Partner Dashboard
2. Go to ‘Account Settings’ menu

3. Click on ‘Maintain Colleagues’ tab, located on the left-hand side of your screen.

4. Click ‘Manage’ for the employee whose access you are editing.

5. Go to ‘Client Access’ button.

Then simply select all the accounts that are relevant to the employee, as well as leaving open those accounts which are irrelevant.

6. Finally, click ‘Save’

These settings will be in place for the time being, but should you ever want to change them just run through this procedure again.


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