I don't understand my invoice!


We invoice our Partners monthly for the active clients they have on their Dashboard.

We have recently changed our invoice layout as many of you have requested simplification. The invoices are now accompanied by downloadable CSV option, to provide detail for further scrutiny.

You can view your clients submission usage from the 'Account settings' menu, under Account details - Subscription tab. Here, click on 'Usage statement' and select the month you need.

Our pricing tiers are based on our Fair Usage policy, which is calculated on a quarterly basis.

For example:

  • Tier 1 is for the standard 50 item plan
  • Tier 2 is for the 100 item plan
  • Tier 3 for 150 items etc.

If you have switched-on postal service for your clients, there is an additional monthly charge for this, which you may notice on your invoice. This will be itemised per-client.

Should you have any queries about your Receipt Bank invoice, please get in touch with your Account Manager and they will be more than happy to help.


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