How to un-merge items

The Receipt Bank software will merge similar items which have same date, supplier and total amount.

This is to avoid creating duplicates in your Receipt Bank account or accounting software. If you would like to un-merge your items for any reason please follow these instructions.

 1. Login to your account and navigate to your Inbox

 2. Find the item (you might like to use the 'Filter' option here)

 3. Click on the item and will lead you to the "item edit page" and click on the "Unmerge" button.

 5. Confirm and find them in your Inbox.


There’s a slight difference between ‘Un-merge’ and ‘Split’ options in Receipt Bank:

  • The ‘Split’ function allows you to split up multiple items, that have been accidently sent in as a single item. Here, you manually input the data and the image doesn't split
  • Merged items are ones that the Receipt Bank's software has merged together because they have the same supplier, date and total. With 'Un-merge' you divide the items exactly as they were sent originally and each one has its own image.

If your items are in the Archive, please unarchive them first. This is how!

Then you'll be able to un-merge them seamlessly!

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