How to split items

custom_extract.pngSometimes, you might need to split items that have been accidentally submitted as a single item and create new ones:

Please login to your Receipt Bank account, then follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your 'Inbox' and click on the item you need to split.

 2. Once you are within the 'Item edit page' , scroll towards the bottom.There you will see the option to 'Split' the item. Click it.

3. You will be taken to the new screen where you can enter the info for the second item to the image.

4. When you are done, hit 'split' button.This will create two entries with different information, but the same picture.

If you have three or more items that need to be split from a single entry, just follow this process again as many times as you need. Our system will only create two new entries for every time you split.

There’s a slight difference between ‘Un-merge’ and ‘Split’ options in Receipt Bank:

  • with 'Split' function you need to manually input the data and the image doesn't split;
  • Merged items are ones that the Receipt Bank software has merged together because they have the same supplier,date and total.
  • To separate merged items you can use the 'Un-merge' function, on the other hand, you divide the items exactly as they were sent originally and each one has its own image.


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