Do you offer special pricing to your Partners?

With our Partner Programme you will receive a different pricing scheme that is tailored to an accountants/bookkeepers specific use of Receipt Bank.

We invoice our Partners on a monthly basis for the active clients they have on their dashboard. Similar to the end-user account, client accounts are charged per the number of items processed, working incrementally in Tiers of 50 (e.g. Tier 1 = 0-50, Tier 2 = 50-100 etc…).

Alongside this pricing scheme there are also discounts that become available when the number of clients on your dashboard reaches a certain level.

By becoming a Partner you will also be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will be on hand to guide you through your initial steps with Receipt Bank, set you up on training and have regular advisory calls. This ensures the initial hurdle of understanding is quickly overcome.

If you want to find out more about our Partner Programme and its pricing, click here.

Otherwise, you can fill out the following form and expect a call from our Welcome Team to answer any of your questions.

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