Bank Match and Paperwork Match with Xero

The Match feature allows you to quickly identify Receipt Bank items that already have a matching transaction in your Xero Bank Feed or Cash-Coded Payments.

This allows you to skip the normal process of publishing and approving Receipt Bank items in Xero. Instead, your items will be sent directly to reconcile against the Bank Feed, or your document images will attached to your manually created or cash-coded payments.


Matching items are determined based on:

  • Matching supplier names
  • Matching total amount
  • Matching payment date (Match considers entries paid within the next 10 days of the document date, to allow for payment to be taken from the bank account).

When working in a Client Inbox, you may notice green and black icons in the ‘Match’ column of Xero-integrated accounts.


This indicates:

Bank Match [Black Icon]: A matching transaction has been identified in the Xero Bank Feed

Paperwork Match [Green Icon]: A matching transaction without an image has been identified in Xero’s Awaiting Payments or Reconciled Transactions

Hover your mouse over the ‘Match’ icon to review about your matching Xero transaction.


Bank Match Items:

1.Click into the Receipt Details page for the item. As the data already matches the Xero Bank Feed, you just need to review the Category field and any other tracking information.
2.The ‘Payment’ section of the Receipt Details page will now display a ‘Bank Match’ screen. This prompts you to autofill the Payment Details so that the data exactly matches the Xero Bank Feed.


3.Press ‘Autofill Payment’ and publish your item. It will now be present in the Xero Bank Account ready for reconciliation!



Paperwork Match Items:

1.Click the green ‘Paperwork Match’ icon.
2.The document image will be automatically attached to the corresponding payment in Xero. We will not publish any data from Receipt Bank, as the payment already exists within Xero.


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